NASCO represents Printrak, a Motorola Company, in Saudi Arabia.  Motorola acquired Printrak in November 2000 as a strategic move to increase its substantial commitment to the public safety and law enforcement market.

Printrak provide Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) solutions. Printrak set the initial standards for AFIS when the company installed the world’s first fingerprint readers at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1975. In the same timeframe, a complete AFIS was installed for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), bureaus in Brazil, and several police departments in the United States.

Through its 28-year performance, the company has served only the law enforcement and public safety industry. Today, Printrak provides AFIS, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Systems (RMS), and Corrections Management Systems (CMS) to more than 700 law enforcement agencies in 36 countries.

NASCO’s representation in Saudi Arabia also covers Vitacom Systems, U.S.A., a leading provider of satellite communication equipment and services.  Vitacom specialize in manufacturing VSAT equipment and complete satellite network systems.  Vitacom solutions focus on providing high speed international connectivity via satellite for voice, internet, data and video applications. Vitacom’s rich range of standard and optional features allows the user to customize and tailore their network to meet their most advanced communication needs.

NASCO also represents KIRK Telecom in the Kingdom.  KIRK has been one of Denmark’s leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment for over 100 years. KIRK is regarded as a leading developer of DECT technology and now enjoys around 65% of the European adjunct DECT cordless PABX market. There are occasions where you have to move frequently within your office premises or different offices within the same building and your customers are trying in vain to contact you.  The choice is clear.  The KIRK cordless telephone system that can cope with up to eight analogue lines.  The system can cover your entire workplace – both indoors and out in the car park.

OKI Multifunctional Laser faxes uses laser technology to give maximum efficiency.  Its impressive features and compact design make the OKI faxes the ideal choice for the business user.

OKIPAGE Digital LED Printers matches the versatility and productivity needs of the modern department, delivers the performance that users and network managers demand. OKI Digital LED Color Printers is creating a new world of opportunities in workgroup printing with breakthrough technologies.  With stunning, full color printing using OKI’s single pass digital technology.  This new generation of Digital LED color page printers takes digital printing to a new dimension.

NASCO’s repair and maintenance facilities located in its Head-Office in Riyadh, branch offices in Jeddah and Al-Khobar has all the necessary Service Equipment, procedures and quality control in place to repair the product in the same condition as it was originally manufactured.  Continuous follow-up inspections are conducted to assure continued quality control and uniformity of the repaired/maintained product.  NASCO’s Repair facilities has a method by which the persons doing the repair are properly trained.  NASCO’s Service Engineers are trained as per manufacturer’s workmanship standards and unique areas within the product under repair that are critical to maintain the optimum

performance of the product.  Repair Facility has a method of inspecting and testing the product after repair to verify conformity to the original manufacturer’s specifications.